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Xtension 4 Player Control Board
Xtension 4 Player Control Board

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Product Code: RM-XT-SD-BOARD-4P

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Xtension 4 Player Control Board

PC and MAC Compatible and Pre-Configured to MAME Straight Out-Of-The-Box!

The First and Only Commercial 4 Player Controller on the Market!

Features 12 LED Menu Buttons and 4 Player Emulator Functionality!

Simply Connect to Your PC or Mac and You Are Up and Running Faster than Ever Without Breaking a Sweat!

Attaches in seconds to any 32" Xtension Arcade Cabinet OR use to create your own cabinet!
PLEASE NOTE: PC, Game Console, Monitor & Games Not Included.

32" Pro Upright Xtension Arcade Cabinet
Sit Down Xtension Arcade Cabinet
32" SD With Base Xtension Arcade Cabinet
Xtension Sit Down Pedestal Arcade Cabinet

Comes Defaulted to a Traditional Arcade Numerical Player Order. However, You Have the Option to Re-Program the Button Configuration Via Easy to Use Software Download for Alternate Player Layout. (NOTE: LED Player 1 - 4 Buttons Can Be Easy Swapped by User if Desired)


Take your Xtension Arcade experience to the next level and unlock all of the great features with Hyperspin Platinum. After placing your Xtension cabinet or controller order, please reply to the Rec Room Masters email order conformation requesting your 20% off Hyperspin Platinum coupon code. Offer only available by request with Xtension TM cabinet or controller purchase.

The Xtension 4 Player Control Board is an arcade style control board designed for casual "retro game-play" and is ready to accelerate your classic 4 player gaming experience to a whole new level. This easy to use and visually appealing gaming centerpiece will showcase any game room cabinet and now give you the 4 player game-play configuration you have been looking for. This 4 player arcade style controller was designed to make connecting to your pre-existing PC or Mac extremely easy, supporting almost any game emulator, and is preconfigured to the popular arcade software MAME. This extremely sturdy arcade board now fully completes your gaming experience and brings it into your home, easier than ever.

3 Different Color Options Available!

Play GREAT 4 Player Classics like, Gauntlet, NBA Jam, Sunset Rider, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, Vendetta, X-Men, WWF Wrestlefest, Captain America And The Avengers, NFL Blitz 2000 and the list goes on... (Games Not Included)


The Xtension 4 Player Control Board was designed exclusively for retro emulated game play styles with its standard 4 button game play layout, however is not limited to only 4 player retro games. The Xtension 4 Player Control Board controls work perfectly for emulator navigation and D-Pad operated PC games, classic retro titles, MAME, and of course classics like TMNT, X-Men, and The Simpsons are some examples (games not included). Immediately out-of-the-box, simply connect to your PC/Mac and download your favorite games, and for less money than you'd expect, you can be up and running in no time with perfectly ideal and comfortable 4 player action! Makes no difference if you are a hard-core PC gamer looking for that perfect game room centerpiece or simply a long-time fan of the 4 player classic arcade. Wanting to experience 4 player retro games the way we all remember from the golden age of gaming?


Why An Exclusive "4 Player" Controller?

IMPORTANT: Most emulated 4 player titles have 4 button game-play function only and therefore, due to modular mounting size and shipping limitations, we will not be offering a 6 button option as again, this controller was designed for exclusive four player retro emulated titles. Cramming massive amounts of controls into a single massive sized All-In-One controller configuration can quickly clutter up ones console plane and cause frustrating confusion with guest players and even its own user exclusive operator at times. In addition, the 4 player controls are in numerical order, the way classic 4 player games were intended to be played! (Reprogramming software is available for download if desired for player reconfiguration) Also note, this is PC keyboard encoded technology and does not support game console use.

Due to the fact that we offer our cabinets at such a low affordable price compared to today's traditional offerings, gamers now have the option to set up an exclusive cabinet dedicated to the exact genre of game-play they desire without overcrowded control panels and lines of friends and family members eagerly awaiting their turn. With our automatic 10% discount for ordering more that one cabinet at a time, you can order two or even three of our cabinets with controllers for still less than the price of what traditional new arcade cabinets are sold!

Having thousands of games crammed into one cabinet is becoming overwhelming and confusing for many of our customers and their guest players. This is why we have introduced a line of modular controllers to better separate game play to its true native emulated form. We do understand that space can be limited in our customers' homes and therefore we have designed our Xtension TM controllers to be easily hot-swappable within seconds if one cabinet is all that your space can manage. In addition, there are not a tremendous amount of emulated titles that require six buttons other than fighting games (and a handful of others) and therefore, again due to size restraints and shipping logistics, we are offering several different easily hot-swappable controllers to accommodate all configurations to support our 32" cabinet models.

Popular Features

12 Illuminated LED Menu Buttons Preconfigured to MAME
4 Player Controls in Numerical Order (The way 4 Player Games Were Intended to be Played)
Scratch Resistant Plexiglass Surface with Beveled Edge
Genuine Suzo Happ Arcade Buttons and Joysticks (Non LED)
Cabinet Mounting Bolts for a Cleaner, Easier and More Secure Fixed Mount
Sleek, Up-To-Date Visual Design
Programmable Buttons Through Easy to Use Software Interface (Available for Download)
Easily Digitally Reprogram the Configuration from Numerical Order to Player 1 and Player 2 in the Middle Configuration
LED On / Off Switch
Angled 4 Player Positioning for Multi-player Comfort During Game-play
Manufactured and Assembled in the US
3 Color Options Available (Black, Blue & Red)
Very Easy to Mod for Additional Customization

Arcade Controls

Includes USB driven Arcade Cabinet controls with Suzo Happ 8-way "Bat-Top" style joystick and action buttons with 20 illuminated menu push buttons

8-way "Bat-Top" Joystick (Black)
4 Game-Play Action Buttons (Black, NON LED) Per Player
Coin 1-4 Button (White LED with 1 Player Symbol)
Menu (White LED)
Select (White LED)
Player 1-4 Start (White LED)
Game Pause (White LED)
Game Exit (White LED)

Although this is not always necessary, custom mapping of your controls is now easier than ever by downloading the button mapping software and customizing your mapped layout in seconds. This is a keyboard encoded device and is pre-configured to the popular arcade software MAME. There are on/off switches for the illuminated menu LED button lights. The control board graphic is protected by a die-cut sheet of scratch resistant plexiglass. The NON LED Game-Play Action Buttons come in black only, however they can easily be modded yourself if any customization or color is desired. The LED Menu Buttons are only available in white.

NOTE: We are no longer supporting LED action buttons as most LED buttons have proven to experience delayed responsiveness and can be very stiff during game-play. Although some gamers may like the visual aesthetic of LED action buttons, a large majority of our customers prefer quality responsiveness with their game-play therefore justifying this layout. You certainly can upgrade to all LED buttons yourself as there is an active VCC current you have the option connect to in a custom Mod.

Optional Custom Modding

(For Advanced Users Only)
Although it is not at all necessary, the board is designed to be very easy to access for mods and personal customizations. The buttons and sticks are actually extremely easy to mod. We do use and include official Suzo Happ Arcade joysticks and route out a 1/2" pocket for mounting to the 3/4" board. With the 1/8" plexiglass, the sticks mount with a comparable standard height off the platform as popular competition sticks.

Adding all LED action buttons is fully supported as there is an active 12v VCC current powered by USB.


Ship UPS Ground, No More Expensive Freight Fees!
NOTE: This Item Currently Only Ships Within The Continental United States and Select Territories of Canada

Purchase With Confidence

Since our products are furniture-based products and controllers, unfortunately, transit damage through any shipping carrier can occur from time to time. Although this rarely happens, it is at times unavoidable. If you unfortunately experience any form of damage upon unpacking your cabinet, we will immediately issue a return label and ship you a replacement leaving you no burden of replacing parts whatsoever. Requested transit damage always take top priority to avoid any further delays in your arcade enjoyment.

With Some Imported Components
  • Includes Pre-Wired Plug & Play 4 Player Controls With 4 Button Layout Per Player
    12 Illuminated LED Menu Buttons Preconfigured to MAME
    1/8" Scratch Resistant Plexiglass Surface with Beveled Edge
    Genuine Suzo Happ Arcade Buttons and Joysticks (Non LED)
    Cabinet Mounting Bolts for a Cleaner, Easier and More Secure Fixed Mount
    Sleek, Up-To-Date Visual Design
    Re-Programmable Button Configuration Through Easy to Use Software Interface (Available for Download)
    LED On/Off Switch
    Manufactured and Assembled in the US
    3 Color Options Available (Black, Blue & Red)
    Very Easy to Mod for Additional Customization
    4- 8-way Bat Top Top Arcade Sticks
    Mounting Hardware Included (For Supports all 32" Xtension Arcade Cabinets)
    Extremely sturdy construction
    Easily Mapped to Vintage Arcade Emulators
    Comes Preconfigured to MAME

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