How To Set Up Your Arcade Software
Instructions on How to Easily Download and Set Up Your MAME Software on Your PC to Use With Your Xtension Emulator Edition Controller


Whether you purchase a cabinet or controller from us or not, we highly recommended exploring the very useful information below regarding FREE to download PC emulation and arcade software downloads and set up. If you have a PC handy, you can follow the information below and download the free software that will provide you the simple tools to relive every classic arcade game from the 80' and 90's! You could spend thousands of unnecessary dollars on an arcade cabinet with the this FREE software already installed, however, again the software is FREE to download, very popular and Rec Room Masters would never charge our customers for FREE emulation software that is easy to download and set up in minutes.



Learn, what MAME is, then download the MAME MAMEUIFX 0.175 software to your PC from the link below. Be sure to select if you have a 32 or 64 Bit PC.

Step 2

Click on the video tutorial below and follow the instructions to set up the MAME software and install your ROMs.

Step 3

Plug in your Xtension TM Emulator Edition controller and it will auto detect the MAME application. You can proceed to use the controller to play your MAME games.


MAME is an acronym for "Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator" which is a free and open source PC emulator software designed to recreate the hardware of arcade game systems on your modern personal computers, raspberry pi and other technology platforms. The intention is to preserve gaming history by preventing vintage games from being lost or forgotten forever.

This tutorial below is for new users who have never set up MAME before and who are new to PC game emulation.

Download MAME Software

Click below to download our current 32 or 64 bit recommended version of the MAMEUIFX 0.175.1 MAME software. (Please be sure to download from the Binaries section and select if you have a 32 bit of 64 bit PC) DOWNLOAD IS FREE

Once you download your MAME software, please refer to the video tutorials below to assist with the MAME set up process.

Video tutorials

How To Install MAME, The Easy Way!

For users that are new to MAME and PC Emulation

Please refer to the video shown for instructions on how to download MAME. This video tutorial should have you playing arcade games in a few minutes. This video tutorial is great for users that are new to MAME and PC game emulation and who have never installed or used MAME before.


Once your have your games up and running, the Xtension TM Emulator Edition Controller is pre-configured to the MAME software. Once your Xtension TM Emulator Edition Controller in plugged in, it will auto detect the MAME application and you can proceed to use the controller to play your games.

More Advanced Installation Of MAME

The tutorial video shown here is a more advanced process for those that are now ready to take their basic knowledge of the MAME set up to the next level.

Alternative "MAME" Options

An Online Streaming Option

Stream "mame" arcade games online!

The Internet Arcade is a web-based library of arcade (coin-operated) video games from the 1970s through to the 1990s uploaded to emulated arcade game play through MAME with out any downloads. The archive contains hundreds of game titles ranging through many different genres and styles along with arcade provided research, marquee artwork and in entertainment in the realm of the Video Game Arcade.

Please be advised, this streaming process of playing MAME games can be slow and at times lag due to a poor or interrupted internet connection. Downloading a software version of MAME is highly recommended as displayed in the video tutorials below, however this is definitely worth checking out as there are a large amount of great titles available to stream for FREE!

Click Below to visit the FREE Internet Arcade