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Arcade Cabinets & Electronics

Welcome to Rec Room Masters! We have everything you need to build a truly customized arcade system. Most arcade cabinets come with one or a few pre-programmed games. Our arcade game cabinets can play thousands of video games! Here's how it works: Buy any of our custom cabinets, arcade electronics including controllers and simply add a monitor. Plug in your Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC or Mac including MAME and other gaming softwares for instant access to your favorite video games. Our controllers provide plug-and-play access for virtually any gaming system for immediate arcade gameplay.

Our arcade game cabinets make gaming affordable on even the most modest budget. No longer will you have to pay thousands of dollars to play your favorite classic or modern video games. With Rec Room Masters, you'll have an arcade full of games in a single, awesome cabinet. We have standup and sit-down arcade cabinets, virtual pinball cabinets, arcade controllers and joysticks, as well as the ability to make the very best custom commissioned arcade graphics to give your arcade system the perfect final touch. Shop now to find the perfect video game cabinets and arcade electronics for you!

Featured Product

The 32" PRO Upright Xtension TM Arcade Machine, Starting at $999
(Shown In Video Above)

The 32" Pro Upright Xtension Arcade Machine is a retro inspired arcade gaming cabinet designed for casual or "professional game-play" ready to maximize your gaming experience to its highest potential. This sleek visual arcade gaming centerpiece will showcase any game room and quickly become the envy of all of your friends. Create the ultimate gaming library with every retro classic ever made to the hottest new next-gen video games easily accessible in one place with one system!